5 Ways to Index Backlinks Faster by Google (Proven Methods)

Are you also the one struggling or stumbling around to index backlinks of your website?

If yes, then you must read this to help out yourself and find these five proven methods to get backlinks indexed faster and improve your website’s backlink profile.

It’s so frustrating that we spend our time to generate some quality backlinks to improve search results and earn some organic traffic. But what happens is Google does not index everything very easily. Either your website must have high domain age and authority, or your website should be developing quality content on a regular basis for faster indexing.

But for those websites’ which doesn’t fall under this category, it’s hard for them to get their pages and backlinks indexed faster.

For them, these are the following five proven techniques to get started:

Believe me, it’s not a hard task to perform, you just have to follow some simple steps to get the backlinks of your website indexed by Google and you can also earn organic traffic.

5 Simple Ways to Get Your backlinks Indexed by Google

1. Create a New Page and Crawl it in Search Console

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This method is one of the simplest one, let me show you how this works:

Simply, create one page on your website, and write some content on it related to your niche. And then add all of the backlinks URL where you have posted a link to your page. By doing that google will come to your page, will crawl all those links where you have created a link to your page and finally you have got your backlinks indexed.

But for that, you have to follow one more step. When you create a page and publish it, then go to Search Console, fetch and crawl your page for faster indexing of your backlinks.

2. Share the Links on Social Media Sites

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Another simple thing you can do is just share your links on Social Media websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. By sharing those links to Social Media, the audience will go through these links and who knows many of the people can visit your targeted page through your backlink. This will help you to generate some organic traffic too, which Google considers as one of the main factors in SEO.

3. Ping your Backlinks on Ping Sites

There are some pinging websites available to crawl and index your backlinks in less time. Let me show you an example:

Pingfarm is a website that does mass pinging of URL’s where you placed your backlink.

Just enter all the URL’s one by one into the text-area given as shown in the image. Click mass ping button to get your backlinks indexed asap.

Some useful pinging websites:

4. Linklicious Free Version

It is a tool specially developed for backlink indexing, crawling, and pinging purpose. You can use its free version for indexing your backlinks but remember you cannot completely rely on this service. Put your links only for once in Linklicious as it will help crawl some of your backlinks as other pinging website does.

There are some other free and paid tools available in the market that will help you to index backlinks faster in google.

 5. Upload a Vew YouTube Video and Paste All Links in the Description

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This is also the same method as creating a new page and placing all the links on that page. But here you are uploading a new video and placing all links in the description. This works as Google indexes every new video on YouTube and with that, it will also index all the backlinks that you placed in the description.

So, these were some of the free and simple techniques to index backlinks of your website. There are also other methods too, but these five methods are proven and tested. You can use all these techniques to improve your backlinks profile and appear in the search results.

There are also some paid tools and websites available like Linklicious to get your website’s backlinks indexed faster in just 24 hours. You can also use those services if you wish to. But in my opinion, if the work is getting done with some hard work and patience then why pay money for that. Everyone’s opinion is different of course.

Comment down below the best method that is working for you.

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