What is Web Companion? Is it Safe? How to Uninstall?

Adware is the software developing firm that claims for developing Malware and spyware detection software. But, there are a lot of controversies surrounding the company and its software.

Developed by Adaware, the Web Companion app is the antivirus software that was made to protect your computer from any malware infections or privacy breaches. Actually, it’s categorized as a potentially unwanted application because of the way many developers distribute this program.

Suspicious Installation

If you’re looking for an application online there are chances that this program gets installed on your PC without your know-how. The “Web Companion” software installs automatically on your system without your knowledge, this software comes with software that you may have downloaded knowingly. When confronted with the issue, the company used technicality for getting out of this question by stating that this software installation was legal and there are no side effects of using it.

It’s claimed that the web companion is one kind of shield against malware and spyware but there is not much that can separate itself from the malware. This program does not have any obvious benefit to your computer health and changes some browser settings without the user’s knowledge.

The makers of these unwanted applications work with PPC schemes for getting your system to visit risky and different kinds of websites that might generate funds. For this reason, they don’t even care about what kinds of websites show on their ads. It makes their unwanted program highly risky for your computer.

Apps of such kind are installed by the users inadvertently, therefore allowing this software to make certain changes to the browser settings.

How Does Web Companion Come On Your Computer?

What is Web Companion

Penetration of these programs largely depends on the users care. The majority of the malware comes with other software that user downloads from free websites. Some are closely watching their installation process, and don’t know that the PC is at risk. Make sure you read the user’s agreement and do not press the “Next” button immediately. Firstly, ensure that the program is totally safe. Choose advanced installation type. Keep in mind that there’re several same programs online. You must check reviews about that program, and suppose your computer is infected by the Web Companion, then check out the instructions given in this post to uninstall it.

How Can I Uninstall Web Companion Application?

Let us check out how you can uninstall or disable this program on your platforms. You cannot drag and put this in recycle bin since it might leave behind a few traces. Like I mentioned before, this program does not give a good road map for uninstalling this software from the system.

It’s possible for you to uninstall the Web Companion program through the Add and Remove Program function available in your Control Panel of the Windows Operating System.

  1. First, click on the Start menu (for W10 users must right-click on their bottom-left corner to activate their Start Menu).
  2. Go on Control Panel, and find Programs.
  3. Carry out the following tasks.
    • For Windows 10/8/7/ Vista users: Click over “Uninstall Program.”
    • For Windows XP users can click on “Add and Remove Programs.”
  4. When you find an installed Web Companion, choose it.
  5. Perform the following selection:
    • Windows 10/8/7 and Vista users must click on Uninstall.
    • And Windows XP users must click on the “Remove and Change” option (right side of your program).
  6. Follow the instructions.
  7. You can see the progress bar to inform you of the time left to uninstall Web Companion.

You need to learn how you can terminate the Web Companion application to stay clear from any potential threats and dangers. But, as per the statistics, just 20 percent of the users go ahead & uninstall the program. Isn’t this surprising? Although it offers additional detection of malicious sites and malware, it’s recommended you uninstall this program for your data safety. Remember, the majority of the antivirus software just like this are sophisticated; they have the right designs and tools to update the databases consistently with the records. So be careful.

Final Words

Fortunately, you may easily remove Web Companion just by logging in to your programs section of Control Platform. The Uninstall button can help you get through the activities very smoothly. You may take care of overriding the current browser by going through some steps. You can opt for the automatic malware removal application like Malwarebytes, Reimage, Spyhunter, and others in a list, to get these activities done smoothly and effectively.

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