Difference between Blog and Article – Writing a Blog Post Vs. Writing an Article

“What is the difference between blog and article?”

In the world of online marketing where content reigns, it is still there that writers don’t know the actual difference between a blog and an article. Be it, freelance writers or full-time content writers, the blog and article are always seem to be confused with each other.

With digitization escalating at a fast pace, and the world is switching coherently towards it, the content will always be the king!

Suppose, let’s take an example of Alibaba, its one of the popular dropshipping and e-commerce platform. Alibaba is selling products to drop shipper’s customers directly and to their customers at the same time. Now, if Alibaba sells a product without any description, review, features, specs, or anything else, how will the customers identify that this is the product they were looking for.

In the era of Digital Marketing, content is everything, and without content, you cannot convey your intentions to your audience. That’s where the proper understanding of the material is required for online marketers.

Consider this blog as a lesson to yourself if you are a blogger, online marketer, or digital geek who has an internet audience. There should be a proper understanding of which type of content you are delivering to the audience. And often, the difference between blog and article confuses the writer, and things get mixed up.

Yeah! It’s real, and this confusion exists till the date.

However, writers ending up in a state of confusion while blog writing vs. article writing is because they have the lack of knowledge of content. It can be easily resolved with a proper understanding of the differences between blogs and articles.

So, diving into the content pool, let’s get started.

Difference between Blog and Article

You may believe it or not, but there are some crucial differences between a blog and an article. However, the ultimate aim that both types of content carry is the same, but there are things to be kept in mind while writing.

Writing Style and Length

writing style and length

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This comes among the most noticeable difference between a blog and an article. Blog writing is way different than article writing when it comes to delivering the content to a specific audience. Blog writing does not include the use of sophisticated tone or words that are hard to understand. Besides, a casual tone is used with the writer’s opinion, so it gets easily understood by the collective audience.

While on the other hand, an article uses a more journalistic and sophisticated tone because it is written in a more detailed format from start to the end. Moreover, an article does not include the writer’s opinion as this to be addressed publically in an extended form, so in the end, each user can get the complete knowledge.

A blog post is written in short and brief and usually ranges between 300 to 1000 words or a bit more longer. But an article is written in more detail, and depending upon the type of material, it usually ranges between 1500 to 5000 words. Also, an article can go beyond 5000 words if the topic has the amount of information to be addressed publically.



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A blog post is usually published on a website or a blog by a specific writer. So, it can be edited, rewritten, and updated according to the time. But articles are long, which means once written, it cannot be changed again. Typically, a blog goes through minimal or straightforward editing, and it can be considered as one of the features of blog writing.

On the other hand, articles are to be edited very carefully and thoroughly to avoid any type of error. An article is usually published in a magazine or newspaper, so it is essential to ensure the writing style and editing part is the most crucial aspect here.


difference between blog and article - publication

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With digitization taking place, nowadays, articles are also available on the internet as magazines, newspapers, and the printing press has gone online. Although, usually, an article is published in a magazine or newspaper, it is not published as a blog post.

But we all know blogs are published online on a website or any blog where users can easily read about the topic or research for anything. An online user can easily search for a term and find the blogs related to know about anything.

Media Files (images, videos, graphs)


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In a blog post, we can freely use any random images from the internet to help the audience understand the topic easily. Writers include different types of pictures and videos for a visual representation of the problem and can even modify them accordingly to ensure the topic is precise.

But in the article writing, authors prefer not to use any random images or videos; instead, they prefer to use graphs, charts, and other relevant media files, which make the reader know about the topic in detail. Apart from that, in article writing, related media files are more used as the issue is discussed in a protracted manner, and readers can come out to the outcome.

Writer’s Opinion


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In a blog post, the writer tends to include his personal opinions while writing about the topic as he is solely describing the topic in his own ways. But in article writing, authors take care to use more statistical and reportage data based from the public point of view. They cannot include their personal opinions as the topis being discussed is publically published.

Let’s take an example! Suppose a writer is writing on a topic ‘Adobe Photoshop Alternatives.’ If this is to be written as a blog post, the writer can include his own opinions for the tool, such as what he liked about the tool and whatnot, whether to use this tool for a specific purpose or not. Anything like that! But if it is to be written as an article, the writer will rely upon statistical or reportage information for the tool. Moreover, it will include a comparative table and other related data for readers to come to an outcome.

SEO Perspective

difference between blog and article SEO

A blog post is usually built around SEO keywords to rank higher in Google search results. SEO helps blogs to reach a wider audience, and that’s the reason why blog posts are getting viral on the internet. Besides, the writer can change blog writing accordingly to incorporate SEO keywords to improve search engine rankings.

On the other hand, articles don’t include an emphasis on SEO keywords. They are written in an extended format and are mostly published in newspapers and magazines. So, the use of SEO keywords in an article is not a crucial part to rely on.

Basis Blog Article
Writing Style The casual tone is maintained and less use of complex vocabulary Artilcles are written in a more sophisticated manner and use complex vocabulary
Length Blogs usually range between 300-1000 words Articles are written in detail and ranges between 1500-5000 words or more
Publication Blogs are published on websites or online platform Articles are usually published in newspapers and magazines. Also, they are published online
Media Files It can include random images, videos, or other media files for better understanding It does not add random photos or videos. Instead, it includes statistical reports, graphs, and charts for detail understanding.
Personal Opinion Writers include their own opinion in blog posts Authors cannot include their own opinion in articles as they are publically addressed
SEO Keywords Blogs are built around SEO keywords to improve search engine rankings and reach a wider audience In articles, including SEO keywords isn’t necessary
Earnings Blog earnings depend upon the revenue basis deployed, such as Google AdSense, affiliate links, or any other form. Also, the higher the traffic on website higher will be the earnings In article writing, writers can earn according to their skills on per word basis
Editing Blogs go though minimal editing Articles are edited thoroughly

The Final Takedown

So, these are the crucial differences between blog and article, which will help the writers to target their audiences more effectively and efficiently, as well. If you are a beginner or those who are just looking to research, this article will help to get a better understanding of how blog writing is different than article writing.

However, there is a need to understand the differences between both the content writing, whether you are a writer or even if you are an audience. Moreover, if you learn the difference between the two, you can approach it each method correctly; it will increase the chance of your content to get more traffic, ultimately increasing your income.

Also, if you have any queries related to this post, please let us know in the comment box below. We’re always here to help you!

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