Different Types of Wireless Communication

There are various types of wireless communication, and all are designed for various purposes. In today’s article, we will understand wireless communication and its various types. Thus, if you were looking for a detailed brief, then stay on this post. Wireless communication and its advanced technologies have given an enormous opportunity to make communication faster and effective.

What is Wireless Communication?

Wireless communication is a significant type of communication that allows transmitting information in a larger area. Wireless communication is made without using any physical components such as cables or wires. These are wireless and also called unbounded ways of communication.

Below are the major types of wireless communication that you must know if you belong to the IT field.

Types of Wireless Communication

Types of Wireless Communication

1. Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is the widely used type of wireless communication, and it is a low-power wireless communication. That is mainly used in hand devices and computers, and if you have a smartphone, you might also be using Wi-Fi to use the internet. The Wi-Fi setup has a router that works as the communication hub. It links the portable devices to get connected with the internet. However, these networks can only allow you to connect with the internet within a short distance. Because of this, Wi-Fi is one of the major wireless networks that is widely used in-home use needs.

2. Satellite Communication

It is one of the major types of wireless communication, and it is because it helps to communicate all over the earth. Using satellite communication the people can communicate anywhere in the world. When the nearer satellite gets the signals, it immediately amplifies and sends them back to the communication receiver. It has two significant elements such as the ground segment and the space segment. The ground segment comprises the process, ancillary facilities, whereas the space section combines the satellite itself.

3. Mobile Communication Systems

Mobile communication systems are continuously growing and getting advanced. Many users of mobile use the signal frequencies to communicate with each other. Cellular and cordless phones are examples of it that use wireless signals with the help of mobile communication systems. However, smartphones or cellular phones have an extensive range in which they can communicate. But the cordless phones are not so efficient to cover the large area; hence they are mainly used short distances.

4. Infrared Communication

Infrared is another type of wireless communication that communicates between the devices through IR radiation. IR is the electromagnetic energy that is larger compared to the general red light. It is mainly used to control security, TV remotes, and other short-distance devices. The IR radiation falls anywhere from the microwaves and the visible lights to communicate between the channels. The purpose of using this infrared technology can be accessing the phones, security, laptops, and other devices that support wireless communication.

5. Radio Frequency Identification

RFID or Radio Frequency Identification is also an unbound communication kind that essentially utilizes electrostatic coupling systems. In some cases, it can also use the electromagnetic method; these are the devices designed to identify whether the object is a thing, animal, or person. It is used widely in-home use, inventory management, and in the healthcare sector.

6. Bluetooth Technology

Bluetooth technology is also a wireless communication technology that is mainly developed to transfer data within a short-range. Nowadays cell phones can also connect hands-free using Bluetooth technology. Not only Bluetooth is also used to connect the mouse, keyboards, and many other devices. However, this technology has various uses, but it is mainly used for wireless communication.

7. Paging

Paging is the type of wireless communication that is used to make one-way communication. It is highly effective technology when the person needs to communicate with a vast audience. Once the message gets recorded, it can be broadcasted to a massive audience where they can see the information on a display or hear it on the device. With this technology, mass communication has become more accessible, and it also does not require having any dedicated broadcast system.

8. Broadcast Radio

It is the first type of wireless communication technology that was launched before other types of it. With the multichannel radio, the people can speak in a short distance. However, some uses of it like sailors and bands can also use it as a communication service. The air transmits these radio sounds like radio waves. Its transmitter sends the waves into the antenna of the receiver’s radio.

9. Microwave Communication

Microwave communication is an effective type of wireless communication. That also uses the radio waves and its waves measured in the centimeters whenever it transmits the data. With the help of microwave communication, the information or the data can be transmitted using two methods. These two methods are the satellite and the terrestrial methods. The satellite method can transfer the data or the information from 22300 miles above the earth. And it uses the frequency level from 11Ghz to 14 Ghz however, the speed of transmitting the data or information can be 1Mbps to 10Mbps.

If it uses the terrestrial method, then the two microwave towers with their line occur, and there is no obstacle to passing the information. Here the frequency can be 4Ghz to 6Ghz, and it has a data transmission speed from 1Mbps to 10Mbps.

10. Global Positioning System (GPS)

GPS or Global Positioning System is the subsystem or the sub-category of satellite communication. It is the type of wireless communication that tracks, finds locations, speed, and positioning of the satellite. Generally, it is used to find the location of the people, and most smartphones have inbuilt GPS features. By which you can easily access the required information from the GPS receivers and the satellite.

11. Radar

It is the system that works as the electromagnetic sensor or the detection machine that can track, detect, and identify various distances. It keeps using electromagnetic waves to find the objects that are also known as the target. Most ships, insects, aircraft, and space crafts use the radar system.


Wireless communication exists all over the world and in our day-to-day life too. We use many devices like our smartphones and other technologies that use wireless technology and offer smooth outcomes. Thus, here we covered brief information about wireless communication and also the types of wireless communication. I hope you have enjoyed this excellent information; if you keep wanting to learn such unique posts, then stick to us.

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