DVD Full Form, Overview, Types and Benefits

This article will help you to understand what DVD is, DVD full form, and overview. Well, we know the DVD is an old school technology which now has been replaced by other smart technologies. Yet, we still believe there are some students and prospects who want to start from the beginning of evolution.

So, this article is solely made for those learners who wish or curious to know about the old-standard technologies.

With time running at a fast pace, we forget from where we belong or where we have started to evolve. If we talk about every human being in the world, each of us forgets the old methods, technologies, and ways we used to live once. Hence, for the coming age generation, we should save resources so they could identify how things emerged with time.

Further, imparting them with the knowledge of history, evolution, and growing technologies.

So, let’s get started.

What is DVD? DVD Full Form

DVD Full Form & Overview

DVD is an abbreviation for Digital Versatile Disk, which is also known as Digital Video Disk. Earlier before the invention of DVDs, VCDs were popular as the optical disks to store high-quality audio and video files. But VCDs leverage the large size. Hence, in 1995, DVDs came into existence with high storage capacity and considerably the same size and dimensions as of VCDs.

DVD Definition

A DVD is an optical disk drive that allows storing high-quality data with a mass storage, including operating systems, movies, HD videos, and audio files. Also, a DVD is versatile, which means it can store multiple formats of data and can be played in different players such as a DVD player.

Fun Fact

After the invention of DVD, it was popularly named as Digital Video Disk. However, this name got replaced with Digital Versatile Disk as it cannot only store video files. Besides, it can store multiple kinds of data, such as OS, HD images, software, and other data. Further, this step was taken by various technological forums.

DVD Physical Measurements and Storage Capacity

There are two different kinds of DVDs according to their measurements and physical appearance.

  • Big-sized: This DVD measures around 12 cm (120 mm) and is the most common sized usually used for storing software, OS, movies, and videos.
  • Small-sized: This DVD measures around 8 cm (80 mm) and is generally used in small portable devices such as DVD player and digital video camera.

Also, there are four types of DVDs with different storage capacities. Let’s check out.

  1. Single-sided single layer: It can store a maximum of up to 4.7 GB
  2. Single-sided double layer: Holds maximum storage of 8.5 GB
  3. Double-sided single layer: Maximum capacity of 9.4 GB
  4. Double-sided double layer: Possess a storage capacity of 17 GB

Types of DVDs


A DVD can be categorized into three different types based on their functionalities.

  • DVD-ROM – It can only read the data into a disk and cannot write
  • DVD-R – It works for recording any type of data
  • DVD-RW – This type of DVD can be read, written, deleted, and rewritten

DVD Benefits

  • Beneficial in storing mass data like OS, Videos, Music files, and movies
  • Relatively cheaper and readily available due to mass production
  • Unlike CD, DVD can store information on both sides
  • The DVD consists of Dolby Digital or DTS which enhances the clarity of sound
  • The DVD has high picture quality as compared to a CD
  • Format of DVD can be changed according to the viewing style in large screen TV and small screens as well

Final Words

The DVDs were the most commonly used optical storage disk for storing extensive data, Hence, nowadays, the use of DVDs have been reduced to a great extent as other storage devices such as pen drive provide the ease of use. Further, the in-built storage capacities of PCs and laptops have been increased rapidly, eliminating the use of DVDs.

Moreover, the laptop used for writing this blog even doesn’t contain any Optical disk drive. So, you can imagine how the technologies have emerged with time. It’s not like that the use of DVDs has completely been suspended but reduced to a great extent.

Alright, this was it, and we learnt something useful about DVDs, including DVD full form, types, and benefits.

If you have any further queries, then please let us know in the comment box below.

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