Top 10 Free PDF Sharing Sites

Free pdf sharing sites have started gaining prominence since they have emerged as the source of attracting a huge amount of traffic. These sites are really important if you want to share your work with your audience and team members. Moreover, these sites allow sharing and uploading of documents in any desired format like Word (.doc), Portable Network Graphics (.PNG), Portable Document Format (.pdf), etc.

Do you have any PDF to share?

If yes, then read on the topic completely. I have made up the list of top 10 free pdf submission sites to count on. These sites have high authority and trusted by many users around the world.

Besides, you can share your work with others in pdf format that keeps your document independent of any hardware, software, or operating systems. The PDF format was especially developed to enrich the documents with graphics including text formatting and images.


List of Free PDF Sharing Sites


ISSUU is in top of our list as the site has very high domain authority and the website daily provides its users with new and fresh content. It lets you create online content with full-screen mode and allows you to create a story and spotlight it on social media sites. Moreover, it enhances your creativity and monetizes your content. ISSUU has different pricing plans but it also provides one free plan for every user.

Just signup with ISSUU, create your account and start building your content. While you start adding your content, it will ask you to create content in different forms. Choose your preferred type, upload your pdf or any other document, give title name, add a description, fill out other fields, and there you are.


SlideShare has reserved the second position in our list. LinkedIn, one of the biggest job platforms have introduced SlideShare for sharing presentations, infographics, documents, and more. It also has a high domain authority and allows you to share everything you know. It displays featured SlideShares, featured learning courses, daily top headlines, latest conferences, and trends in social media.

Just simply signup and create your free account with SlideShare. On the right side, you will see an upload button just near the login and signup button. Click the button, upload your file, add title and description, select the category, give tags to your content, and hit publish. Your content will be live on SlideShare.


Scribd is an American ebook and one of the largest digital library platform for reading and uploading magazines, audiobooks, and several other documents. Although it charges for reading subscription but for sharing and uploading any document it’s completely free. Besides, if you want to share your pdf file or any other document it gets indexed faster with Google and reaches more than 90 Million readers.

For sharing file on Scribd, just click the upload button, select your file, give it a name as well as a description, and there you are. It’s really simple sharing file with Scribd and reaching the audience in bulk.


Dropbox is another American company headquartered in San Francisco, California with higher domain authority. It was developed to provide cloud services and file hosting services to ensure that users can reduce work. Moreover, file synchronization, cloud storage, client software, and other services are also available with dropbox.

Dropbox’s mainly features are for its business plan offering advanced functionalities and cloud services. Rather, it also offers a free plan for uploading and sharing your online documents. Simply, you just have to get started with their basic plan, and in you in.


Like Dropbox, Mediafire is also a cloud and file hosting service provider with the same authority as of Dropbox. The best part, MediaFire is very intuitive and simple to use interface that allows you to host every document at one single place so you can access them from anywhere.

MediaFire also provides services like file synchronization and personal cloud storage for paid users. Besides, it has a free basic plan where you can easily share all your files and documents with an interactive dashboard.


4shared is among the best popular platforms for file sharing and storage services. It allows uploads of documents up to 15 GB for free. You can put all your documents into 4shared and access them through a single platform. Also, it has some premium plans with advanced features for higher requirements.

Just simply register with your email address and access free account with 4shared for up to 15 GB. By signing in, you will be redirected to your dashboard panel where you can upload and access all your files.


Wattpad is a bit different from other file sharing sites. It is a global community where talented writers and publishers connect with Multimedia and entertainment companies. They allow publishing of stories like fiction, non-fiction, spiritual, horror, and in various other genres. The platform is specially built for talented and nonfamous designers who can show their talent to the global community.

With Wattpad, writers can reach a huge amount of audience and global media entertainment companies at a single point of time. You just have to simply register your account and start publishing your stories.


free pdf sharing sites

Smashwords is another popular ebook and magazine website for publishing and reading books and stories. Although uploading is free on Smashwords it confers some strict policies for checking the quality of content. It allows users to publish stories of any category or genre besides should be original with the essence of quality.

Smashwords is very simple to use. Just fill the signup form and agree with all their policies, and there you are. Uploading can be done in any format you desire and even you can charge for your ebook and earn some handsome money.


free pdf sharing sites

Calameo is the online platform for publishing digital magazines, catalogues, and other online presentations. With Calameo, you can plan your publication, insert interactive content, and analyze readers behaviour. It’s very easy to work with Calameo as it can be accessed anytime anywhere and from any device.

If you want a platform for controlling, managing and analyzing your presentations than Calameo is the best option for you. Register your account with Calameo and you are ready to share all your files worldwide.


free pdf sharing sites

Authorstream allows users to share their presentations in any form like powerpoint, word doc, or pdf, etc. The platform also enables users to embed their presentations in blogs, convert them into videos, and share them over social media network. Also, it provides analytics of your presentations and manages your account.

You just have to simply signup on the website, and it’s free to use. Besides, it charges a minimal of $4.2 per month for uploading pro presentations.  Upload as many documents and presentations you want.

Final Words

If you are the one looking some authoritative and trusted free pdf sharing sites than these platforms can work for you. All the platforms are free to use and you can share your work with your team, students, or to the global community as per your need. PDF sharing sites is an important aspect of internet marketing and reaching to the audience. Moreover, they can also be used as a platform for storing all your files and documents at a single place.

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