8 Best Influencer Marketing Platforms in India

Well, everybody now knows a word about what Digital Marketing is and how it works. But have you ever thought of how many aspects are working under this single Digital Marketing niche. It’s not just a simple brand promotion or online marketing but rather a whole new world with ample opportunities to increase traffic and convert more sales.

Influencer Marketing is one of those aspects and is considered to be the backbone of Digital Marketing. It is a type or we can say that part of Social Media marketing that includes endorsements of brands from influencers. Influencer marketing has been adopted by every big and small brand to capture the market, target potential customers, and to increase the reach.

Now, you might be thinking about who is an influencer. An influencer is the one who has a large audience reach or a huge amount of followers on any social media platform. Such influencers can make the audience follow their command and that’s what a brand need. These influencers have high recognition, respect, and authority among their followers which makes it easy for the brands to promote their product and generate high sales.

You can also rely upon these platforms to give a kick start to your brand and increase your reach. Let’s see some of the best influencer marketing platforms in India.


List of Best Influencer Marketing Platform


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Influencer.in is a platform for those who want to get their content go viral on different social media platforms. This platform helps you to spread awareness of your brand and increase your reach with 25,000 social media influencers and bloggers. With Influencer, you can discover popular influencers related to your niche, organize your workflow, track your productivity, and amplify your engagement.


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Pulpkey is another influencer marketing platform in India for both brands as well as creators to collaborate and share quality content. It also gives your ads an emotional touch with the human voice and creates strategies for content engagement and increasing the reach. Pulpkey makes it easier for brands to select the right content creator and include factors like influencer’s engagement, content quality, and collaboration.

Not limited to this, Pulpkey creators provide a diverse range of content for all types of categories including fashion, food, travel, fitness, culture, etc. Also, it has a great client portfolio list including big brands like Nestle, Bombay Shaving Co, Beardo, Hypstar, Spicebay, Azafran, and many others.

Pulpkey is even mobile-first company that moves ahead with modern trends of marketing and promotions. They also work on mobile platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, etc. to promote your brand as much as possible.


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BlogWeet is a team of leading influencers that works across different social media platforms for connecting consumer brands with social content influencers. It provides services to every niche including fashionists, artists, bloggers, celebs, vloggers, Instagrammers, or YouTubers, anything your brand is related to, they have a complete solution for every platform.

BlogWeet provides a base of 15,000 influencers with 2,202 active campaigns on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, & Pinterest. Moreover, they have a very wide client list including Blackberrys, Eicher, HomeShop18, Nexa, Gaana.com. Horlicks, and many others.


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Fromote claims that they are the AdWords for influencer marketing as their influencers have the potential to create instant buzz for your brand and can generate more reach and ROI. This platform also provides the service to become an influencer if you are popular on social media. By becoming an influencer with Fromote, you will get paid for each blog, tweet, or post you promote on social media.

Fromote works in a way that it allows users to create campaigns, select category, and mention the kind of influencers they need. After setting up the campaign, it allows users to set a budget. After that, the rest is done by Fromote itself as it contacts with relevant influencers to share content on their social media network.

Users can view the influencers’ post as they share a screenshot of the post they shared with the URL.

One Impression

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One Impression provides the new standard in media and advertisement as it helps brands to create value with world-class content at scale, speed, and a fraction of the cost. It helps in increasing sales, boosting visibility, creating digital content, and celebrating endorsements with celebs. The platform is intelligent and connects with diverse networks that work with the best marketing talent.

One Impression is one of the most popular influencer marketing platforms that are reliable, fast, and efficient enough to achieve any brand promotion goal. Moreover, the platform offers intelligent matching for in-depth influencer analysis, pricing algorithm for using data from multiple collaborations and influencers, and deep insights for analyzing campaign performance.


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Brandholic is one of India’s most leading influencer marketing platform that helps brands to create brand awareness, launch campaigns with top social media influencers like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc, and increase sales by generating more reach. It provides services including brand promotion, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Public Relation, SMM (Social Media Marketing), and Photography and Videography.

Also, Brandholic provides Digital Marketing tools to promote your brand more effectively. It is one of the fastest-growing platforms for influencer marketing and promotion of brands.

Influencer Port

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Influencer Port is an Indian based platform for connecting influencers with brands to help marketers make more clear powerful connections and to attract more customers. It works in a way by connecting brands with influencers to help brands connect with their target market. Not only this, but they also claim themselves to be the best influencer marketing platform in India.

Influencer port makes it easy for its users to create and launch campaigns very swiftly and easily with built-in campaign builder in the dashboard. Once the campaign is created and launched it will be automatically distributed to the influencers of your relevant niche. Finally, those influencers will share and publish your content.


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Brandloom is one of the most powerful and result-oriented digital marketing agency and influencer marketing platform. The company focuses more on building brand equity, taking a business online, and making it a profitable venture. Moreover, Brandloom is considered to be the trusted brand consulting and advertising agency that is rapidly growing.

Also, they drive more ROI by providing a deeper understanding of consumer needs and opportunities. It also provides analytics and insights that help build ROI for the business. They provide services including Business and brand consulting, web and mobile app development, SEO, SEM, e-commerce, influencer marketing, content marketing, lead generation and many others.

Final Words

We have listed the top 8 best influencer marketing platforms in India for promotion and advertising of small to large brand. In the above list, there are platforms like Brandloom, Brandholic, One Impression, and Blog Weet which provides full service for brand promotion including SEO, Digital Marketing, PPC advertising, analytics, influencer marketing etc. You can completely rely upon these agencies for making your brand go viral.

The other agencies provide influencer marketing and related services for making your content more visible to potential audiences. If you need a complete online promotion of your brand than agencies providing all services would be suitable for yours. Or else for making your content viral and for new brands influencer marketing is the best option.

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