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Paraphrasing tools are used by writers for making their text creative, productive, and error-free. These tools help to make content smooth and increase its readability of it.

There are different tools with multiple features and it is difficult to choose between the two.
But here two paraphrasers are discussed and a comparison is made that can help you to choose the best.

The comparison is made between and Both are used for rephrasing purposes but with respect to functions and usage differences can be pointed out.

Paraphraser is a very professional tool that is famous among writers due to its advanced AI technology and NLP technique. This tool offers a writer three different modes that help in gaining a comprehensive piece of writing.

The three modes are fluency, standard and creative. Fluency and standard mode can be used for free while creative mode can only be used in the paid version. Below is the interface of the tool.

Paraphraser 2

This is not just a paraphraser. It is a bundled tool that has the following features:

  • You can rewrite your article as many times as you want.
  • If your material has copied text it will detect it and give a percentage of plagiarism.
  • You can use its grammar checker for punctuation and spelling mistakes.
  • Summaries of long texts can be made by using its text summarizer.
  • If you are making an academic paper then its citation generator will help you to make references and a bibliography.

Hence it is a bundled tool that will provide you with a burst of features in a single spot.


This paraphraser is also AI-based. But due to its limited features, it is not considered for professional use. You can use it for everyday minimal work and meet your short deadlines by it.

Due to the simplified interface, it has no competitors but is good for students who are not well aware of complex online tools. Below is the tool interface:

Paraphrasing-tool vs

Here we will make a head-to-head comparison between the two paraphrasers. Both the tools are used for paraphrasing but with respect to interface and functions, there are many differences between the two.

  • offers an article rewriting tool by which you can paraphrase in different styles. This feature is absent in
  • You can check plagiarism by but not with
  • If your text contains grammar mistakes you can use the grammar checker of This function is not available on
  • Text length can be shortened with the text summarizer feature of This option is also not in
  • By you can rephrase your text in different tones and modes. While in there are no such modes or tone options.
  • is a multilingual tool as it can paraphrase the text in different languages. While is a unilingual tool and supports only the English language.
  • is supportive of different files. You can upload files of different formats to it for rephrasing. But for using you can just enter text to the input box.
  • In the free version of, you can rewrite 500 words and for the premium, you can use the 1000 word you are allowed to paraphrase 10000 characters that are almost 2200 words.

These all are the main differences between the two tools. The primary function of both the tools is the same but concerning functions and diversity, is good. If simplicity is the merit then is good to use.

Paraphrasing Performance

As there are many differences between the tools the actual work is paraphrasing. The tools should be critically evaluated based on their paraphrasing results. Both are AI-based hence competition exists between the two.

Here we will discuss the main paraphrase process of the tools along with the supporting elements.

Paraphrasing by

With respect to functions, you can use different modes of for rephrasing your provides you with three different modes:


Your text may contain errors like grammar. This mode can eliminate misspelled words and wrong grammar from your text and make it smooth.

The changes that are made in this mode are highlighted in cyan color so that you can make a comparison.

Paraphrasing 3


In standard mode, words are changed and synonyms are added. The idea remains the same only the sentence structure is changed a bit so that the text becomes readable and understandable. The text remains relevant but becomes more presentable.

Paraphrasing 4


The creative mode is for professional use. If you are a student you do not need it.

In this mode, the whole text is changed and rewritten. Sentences are changed and mistakes are removed. A new text is formed that is also relevant to the previous one. But the new one is more comprehensive and has generalized terms in it.

This mode can be used in paid version hence it is only good if you are a high-level professional writer. For everyday minimal work, you can go well with fluency and standard mode.

Paraphrasing by does not provide you with a menu of modes. It does not have features that you can select or a paid version that can be unlocked by subscription. You just have to enter the text and it will paraphrase it.

You can compare the text by manual reading as it does not highlight or bold the changes. This paraphraser only changed the words by their synonyms to make difference. The tone may get disturbed sometimes or the relevant material can be lost.


Both the paraphrasing tools are beneficial in different regards. If is giving multiple modes then is a winner concerning a bigger word limit.

To sum up you can say that if there is a need for a professional rephraser you can use as it provides a bundle of features. While if simplicity is required with accuracy can be used.

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