Scribd Vs Audible – Which One is Better in 2024?

Audiobooks brought in around $1 Billion in the revenue in 2018 & that momentum still continues to grow in an alarming rate. No matter you are interested in the motivational book or listen to the Harry Potter when cleaning your house or enjoy historical fiction on the lunch break, the audiobooks continue their higher momentum for many people.  If you are looking for the best audiobook service, Scribd & Audible are two largest audiobook subscriptions accessible.

However, which subscription is good for you?

Here, we are going to breakdown difference between Scribd and Audible, so that you will decide which service will be correct for you.

Scribd Vs Audible

Scribd Vs Audible

We all know that audiobooks are the best alternative for reading. We can breakdown differences between Audible & Scribd. From the content to volume to price to restrictions we are going to cover this all so that you will be able to make the right decision.

Audible Content Offered

  • Audible, same to the Netflix Originals, provides original content only to them. The specific titles are not accessible anywhere else except over Audible.
  • Audible is audiobooks. Yes, they’ve got more than 100,000 audiobooks, and if you want to listen to the audiobooks than Audible will be the best choice in the market.
  • From the original content to new releases to classics, you may listen to the Audible books in many different languages. You may also select choose from the abridged & unabridged versions (that depends on your attention span & needs).
  • Since Audible is Amazon’s service, you may listen to the audiobooks through Alexa too. Thus, next time you are cleaning kitchen, prepping dinner and doing laundry, ask Alexa to queue up the current book. This makes doing household tasks enjoyable.

Scribd Content Offered

  • Scribd provides audiobooks and lots more. They have got magazines, eBooks, sheet music and research papers. Scribd library is more diverse.
  • With the premium membership from the Scribd you may enjoy many different audiobooks in various genres. You can access essays, short stories, articles and different documents besides traditional books.
  • Scribd provides original content you can listen to with the Scribd membership.

Audible Pricing

It is important to know Amazon owns Audible.  It has various membership programs as well as gives you different benefits that depend on your plan. Cheapest plan begins at $6.95 per month and goes to $22.95 per month. Audible Escape is very strictly for the romance books. Members will borrow over 10 titles at a same time.

You will be wondering, what’re credits?

The audible credits will allow you buy any audiobook you want no matter what listed price of books is; one credit equals to one book. The credits are valid for just 1 year. Suppose you cancel the membership you can lose remaining credits on the account.

How many credits will you get every month depends over what membership plan that you have. The gold plans will include 1 credit every month, whereas platinum plans provide 2 credits every month.

You may buy a little more credits if you’re on the annual Platinum or Gold plan and credit balance is zero. Additionally, members get 2 free Audible Originals each month and 30% discount on the purchases. You may listen to many books you want every month, but you will have to pay for the additional credits.

Scribd Pricing

The Scribd membership is cheaper, and coming at $8.99 monthly for the Premium Package, however, remember you don’t own anything that you download.   On Scribd, there’s not any limit to number of titles that you may listen to each month.

The monthly Scribd membership offers you with an option to download various PDF files, which you can print and read offline. For the faithful readers you may sign up for Scribd and NYT bundle for just $12.99 monthly. With the package, you may enjoy all benefits of the Scribd membership and subscription of The New York Times.

Audible Features

  • You may download audiobooks on Wi-Fi and mobile data on your device.
  • There’s the choice of more than 200,000 audiobook titles, which includes new releases & popular titles.
  • You may multitask the background downloads & listening.
  • App allows you view the audiobook details, adjust narration speeds, bookmarking, rate the audiobooks and chapter navigation.
  • Good returns policy; you may easily return the audiobook if you do not like for any reason, so you can get the immediate credit.
  • Switch between the reading and listening with Whispersync.
  • You may keep the audiobook after cancelling the Audible membership.
  • Best customer service; Audible provides live chat and phone support, do deal with any kind of issues instantly.
  • You may rollover your credits

Scribd Features

  • After its trial period, you may get an access to the unlimited titles that will be read offline, in case you do not have any internet access.
  • Scribd has established unlimited reading policy, and making it the best deal in ebook reading industry.
  • There’re articles from the popular periodicals, which includes Time Magazine, Men’s Health, Esquire, as well as Entertainment Weekly.
  • You may browse using website and mobile app.
  • Scribd has got worldwide access through the computer or app, but service will be blocked by the local governments in some countries.
New releasesProvides e-books & magazines, besides audiobooks
Great titles & narratorsLiterature lovers
Exclusive contentUnlimited content
Listen offlineListen to or read multiple titles
Keep the downloads foreverTells how far through the book you are
Exchange books you have readWill create lists

The Final Takeaway

Since we have reviewed both the services in detail, Audible is purely the best audiobook service, whereas Scribd has the broader focus. And Scribd has 60 million of documents, which includes PDFs, sheet music and research papers. But, Scribd library is restricted to just 70,000 titles that is much lesser than Audible.

So, if you are interested in the audiobooks, you might not find Scribd very useful as Audible, however, if you enjoy ebooks, reports, magazines, or other media, you can prefer Scribd.

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