OfficeClickToRun.exe – Is it Safe or Malware? How to Disable It?

Officeclicktorun.exe is developed by Microsoft which helps in reducing the installation time of MS Office 365. This file was developed with a motive to improve performance during installation. It has a size of 1.14MB. It is not an integral part of windows and can likely cause problems.

officeclicktorun.exe is not a secure file to execute. It is present in the form of an adware virus. A common trait to find if the file is original or not is to check if it is located in a different location than the original. This file causes inconvenience once it enters the system. It can change the default settings on the PC.

While the original officeclicktorun.exe is used to ensure that a particular set of programs are running fine. But cybercriminals make duplicate files and circulate them with the original names. These are infectious files, which will replace the original files after installation and cause the officeclicktorun.exe error. These errors include PC freezing and instability. They could even get the rights of administration and start to control the machine.

Executable File (.exe)

Executable files with .exe extension can sometimes cause harm to your computer. One must delete unsafe .exe files but should remain alert while deleting because if the executable file does not prove to be harmful then it will definitely affect the performance of the related software and leading to system instability. A very easy method to avoid this problem is to keep the software up to date. This includes a timely driver update also. Through many online sources, it has been found that almost 8% of people delete this file.

Storage Location

The file location of officeclicktorun.exe depends on the operating system that you are using. Generally, it is stored in the System32 directory.


This software is not visible and the file is not a Win system one. One must remember that this executable file can record mouse and keyboard inputs and even monitor computer applications. The security rating of this program is 5% dangerous.

Best Practices for Avoiding OfficeClickToRun Issues


A clean PC is the best way to avoid problems like OfficeClickToRun. This includes running system scan malware scan, uninstalling unwanted programs, hard drive cleaning, disable AutoStart programs etc. Another way to avoid these problems is to perform timely backups. Sometimes restoring the PC to a particular restore point also helps.

Working of officeclicktorun.exe

This program works in a very secret way. It copies the payloads in Windows OS folders and changes the records because of this, the file runs automatically while booting the system. After the changes are made it connects the PC to a remote host and performs tasks like transferring the secret configuration, transferring data to the infected machine, downloading harmful files etc. This executable file can be circulated to your PC through spam, email attachments, malicious websites hyperlink or cookies, etc. And once again this all is done without your prior knowledge.

Removal Process

  • Click on start and type RUN
  • In the RUN dialogue box type services.msc and press enter.
  • The services dialogue box will open, search for Microsoft Office Click-to-Run service.
  • Right-click on it and select Properties.
  • In the General tab, go to Startup type, click on the drop-down menu and select Disable
  • Click OK and restart your computer


Errors associated with officeclicktorun.exe can occur in almost all Windows OS. Users must take care that they must never download a replacement file from an unknown website as they may contain the virus. 

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