Wii error code 51330 – How to Fix Error 51330

Do you ever faced wii error code 51330  while using internet ? Well here we have described the method to solve nintendo wii error code 51330Wii error 51330 is generated because of some mis-configuration on your router via which you are accessing internet. Due to this error you are not able to connect internet ! There are so many types of reasons due to which this nintendo wii error 51330 occurred .Most of the people face reason when wireless security pass-code on your home network is typed incorrectly on wii console or it may be wrong.

Sometimes this error occurs due to firewall setting, due to some settings you are stopping your system to access the internet . So lets get started.


How to fix wii error code 51330

Well the solution of error code 51330 is different for the different reason. It is completely depends on the reason due to which error 51330 occurred . Though here we will cover most of the cases with solutions. So after trying you will be able to solve wii error code 51330.

Here we are describing different solutions to fix error code 51330

  • Check your router for MAC filtering. If it is in enable mode than just put your systems MAC address inside the box. If you yet don’t find ,then simply disable MAC filtering option.
  • Go to wii setting and check IP address and DNS settings manually.Try to write by urself rather than automatically.
  • If you have made any changes in router security like WEB to WPA of WPA2 PSK , then simply check the same encryption settings to wii console online. Both should be same.
  • Sometimes you enters the wrong security key for WPA or WEP . At that time you make sure that its correctly.
  • At last,if above solutions doesn’t work out for you. Than just go to command prompt and write


  • Then unplug or restart your router to see weather it is fixed or not.
  • Disable firewall option : Sometimes due to firewall settings you can’t access the internet in your system. So disable and try to connect internet.
  • Set Default ip : Set your ip address to default if its changed by your internet provider
  • Try to change your router’s broadcast channel from 1 or 11 and also change mode of browser G to Mixed.
  • At last,try to update Firmware of your wifi router for latest configuration .
  • Unplug your wifi router wait for some minutes and then start again and wait until it setups all and then start to access internet.

So these all are methods to solve wii error 51330. We hope that 
nintendo error code 51330 is solved now. If you still facing same issue than just comment here the difficulty. We will help you to solve.

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